I wear many hats in the games industry - producing game jams, developing games and websites, designing print publications, creating digital content, giving talks and building communities.

I'm a game designer with a background in architecture and web development.

Contact me regarding contract or freelance work via email or twitter.



Develop 30 Under 30 2017

BAFTA Crew 2017

MCV Women in Games Awards 2017 Finalist

Develop Her Awards 2017 Finalist

Top 30 Influencers on twitter at the London Games Festival 2016

BAFTA Guru young talent 2016

MyGeoss Innovative App Award 2015

Brunel Best Game Award 2015


Speaking Engagements

Chaired. What is to be done? Games for social impact. Cybersalon (2018).

Panel with Winnie Wong and Ben Soffa. Chair: Kirsty Major. Building democracy's digital weapons. The World Transformed (2017).

Panel with Andy Payne and Nicolas Serres. Chair: Marijam Didzgalvyte. Playing with politics. The World Transformed (2017).

Panel with Mathew Kemp, Adam Simmons, Rob Yescombe, Rich Keith. Chair: Jake Tucker. An exploration of the impact of streaming on the evolution of game development. Future Games Summit (2017).

Joint talk with Constance Fleuriot. Organising a Games Jam. European Women in Games Conference (2017).

Solo talk. Wearing many hats in the games industry. UKIE Careers Bar at EGX Rezzed (2017).

Solo talk. Sublime Landscapes in Videogames. Art Arcana (2016).

Solo talk. Walking Simulators: The Digitisations of an Aesthetic Practice. DIGRA (2016).

Solo talk. Guest Lecture: Writing an MA Dissertation on Walking Simulators. University of the Arts London (2016).

Live interview with Keith Stuart and Jordan Erica Webber. Now Play This at the London Game Festival (2016).


Conference Papers

Carbo-Mascarell, R. (2016) Walking Simulators: The Digitisation of an Aesthetic Practice. In Proceedings of 1st International Joint Conference of DiGRA and FDG. Dundee, Scotland. DiGRA Digital Library.



Carbo-Mascarell, R. (2015) Wandering Through the Narrative: Environmental Storytelling in Gone Home. Brunel University MA Digital Games: Theory and Design program.

Carbo-Mascarell, R. (2015) Virtual Places: Creating a Sense of Place in Videogames. Brunel University MA Digital Games: Theory and Design program.

Carbo-Mascarell, R. (2013) Creating Meaningful Architecture: How does game design and technology create meaningful spaces?. University for the Creative Arts BA (Hons) Architecture program.