Trained as both an architect and a game designer, I now work at the Creative Industries Federation leveling up the games industry - all while developing games and hosting events that bring the games industry and arts world closer together. I've exhibited at The Somerset House where I was live interviewed by The Guardian, been selected by BAFTA as a rising star in the games industry, was a finalist for the Women in Games Awards 2017 and was listed in Develop's 30 Under 30. 

I passionately believe in games as art. Academically I have placed videogames within the psychogeographic tradition - my debut paper was very well received among leading academics at DiGRA. This research lead me to work with The Chinese Room charting their multi-BAFTA winning game, Dear Esther. The resulting map was released at The Barbican where it was a major hit and sold out within three hours of going online.

My games include E-Sol which won the MyGeoss Innovative App Award by the European Commission and Meeting which was awarded Best Game by Steve Jackson, co-founder of the Game Workshop and co-author of the Fighting Fantasy series and was exhibited at The Somerset House. Two further games were also shortlisted into the top 10 for Tribeca and The Space and my game Overground was covered on PC Gamer.


Conference Papers

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