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BarCamp Canterbury 2013



No place has more tecchy goodness than BarCamp Canterbury and this year Sam Lowe, Eliza del Carmen and I made sure we would not miss out. The event lasted Saturday and Sunday and consisted of amazing talks by amazing people.

Highlights would be Allan Callaghan's "How much is that retrogame in the window?" His enthusiasm on retro consoles made for a very entertaining talk. TinkerSoc's Ikea hacks and other designs made me wish I was a UKC student to join them in the construction of more blinking tables and arcade stands. Saturday was wrapped up nicely by Carl Jeffrey with his "Sharing tools and stuff (A starter for 5)" where we pooled interesting links and infobased on previous talks. On Sunday Marcus Ball, founder of Ambition House, motivated universities to treat students like the Avengers and Sam Lowe ignited an interesting debate with his talk on "Identity and Genuine Experience Online".

I held two talks as well. The first was on "Meaningful Interaction on Video Games" (slides can be found here). It had a considerable outcome and I was excited to talk about my discoveries in the video game field to an experienced crowd. We debated quite a bit on goal-oriented level design and the sandbox style of Minecraft and received a memorable comment from Colin Johnson on the pretentiousness of some architectural designs. A few people approached me after the talk illustrating how it had influenced them. I am beyond ecstatic on how it went and would like to say thank you very much to BarCamp and everyone who came to listen.

The second talk I held in conjunction with Eliza del Carmen on "There are no women on the internet: Discuss". We gathered a small group and debated sexism on the internet and geek culture. It was a rewarding half an hour chat with a very engaging audience. A huge thank you to everyone who came and contributed.

The overall experience was amazing and I hope I will be in the country for next years BarCamp!

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