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Digital Games: Week 10

Such a busy and fulfilling week with London events, writing Gantt charts, pseudocode and wrestling MMF. The once only personal weekly goals have transformed into a team chart as the five of us team members work towards the final presentation on the 10th. We continue to work wonderfully together and its fantastic to see how each of us chip in with our strengths.

Most of my time was spent organizing the assets to be completed for the demo, allocating these tasks to the team and working on MMF. Two days in and I already had a box that would pick up other boxes into their bag and drop them. A day after that and Pong created the cutest animated character for the game complete with running, jumping, grabbing and falling animations.

Most comers and goers of the Brunel game design lab know that I now live among the computers. Interesting events tend to happen around you while working on MMF, reading and typing up theory or playing a new game. This week we had university wide League of Legends tournament, organised by Iva and streamed on twitch, Eddie showed off game trailers on the new TV screen and the monthly show and tell Steam games version played and commentated on Shovel Knight.

In class, we briefly explored some of the roles of the games industry. Thoughts about life after graduation followed me during the week. A few classmates mentioned they could really visualise me in the role of a producer and I have to agree, as a jill-of-all-trades that can get very enthusiastic among people, the role seems to fit perfectly. However I still really enjoy writing about games so I feel either academic or games journalist needs to be a part of me as well. Either way, I will not be limiting myself and continue taking on those tasks that I love doing, regardless of where they sit in the games industry. I'm open to surprises.

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