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Digital Games: Week 11

It's been crunch week as the team and I work towards the final pitch. Many hours have been spent in the labs, programming in the levels and fixing bugs. Luckily, a few undergrads decorated the labs, giving the place a very cozy and festive mood that helped all of us power through the final stretch.
A week in and this is what my work space looks like. As for the code, I have 150 lines of conditions on MMF. Most of the week I spent sipping tea in the late hours of the night, wrestling with a bug in the game. When I finally beat it, I jumped out of my chair and screamed in joy only to realise I had many startled faces staring back at me from behind computer screens.
But not all has been hard struggles (though 80% of the week has). We had an absolutely excellent theory class where we recapped on all the methodologies learnt throughout the semester and solidified them, all while eating delicious cookies Kelly had baked. In design class we created fireworks using fast loops. Then later at night, we played some board games with festive drinks and food.
This week's guest was Steve Stopps, producer of Lumo. He ran us through the production of the game Lumo Deliveries, what worked, what didn't and the secrets of how they managed to get in the app store's front page three times. Steve is an absolutely amazing speaker and I highly recommend every games student who has the chance to go listen to him talk. My notebook is now filled with his production wisdom sprinkled with a few of his quotes.

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