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Portrait of an Architect

"Modern man fails to realize he is the inheritor of the great march of technology, an exponential progressionwhich, at this fragile point in history, soon become too rapid to predict."
This is the lone architect, wondering the world, looking down at cities that they can no longer master-plan associety has grown too complex. It has grown old and weary, bound by the tradition when it should have adapted to the new. As an architect, it is my obligation to think of the future and with it the rapid increase in technology. We must be philosophers at the same time as we are scientists and constantly ask ourselves: Where is this world moving towards?

This is a collage created by me, inspired by the Futurology Subreddit which I eagerly follow. The original images are Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer by Caspar David Friedrich and Mass Effect 2 Citadel by BioWare.

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