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VR Jam 2013

Galaxy Rise Games now has a studio!  Beginning of this month Adrian May and I moved to Gandía, Spain to fully dedicate our time to the Oculus Rift. A few paellas and beach days later our equipment arrived and we are set and ready to work.

Before working on our main game, Adrian and I have created Rosetation, now in its testing phase. In July I mentioned a little something I wanted to try out for the Oculus Rift based on observations of Proton Pulse and other sensations of height and speed. This game has evolved and we are now making it for the VR Jam.

Rosetation being my first start to finish game, there were many times where I felt like I had been dropped in a maze of freezing cold water and left to figure things out. With perseverance and guidance from Adrian things worked out and honestly, it feels amazing. A lot of lessons have been learned and the prospect of how much more I still have to explore is truly exciting!

I spent the majority of these three weeks:
+ Writing up and explaining the game, its mechanics, levels and concepts to Adrian.
+ Modelling and texturing the assets in Maya.
+ Discovering displacement mapping, how awesome it looks and how Unity doesn't support it.
+ Setting up assets in Unity ready to be programmed.
+ Fidddling with the scene's lighting to get the right environment.
+ Discussing technical problems with Adrian and researching solutions.
+ Reading and editing code to improve gameplay based on observation and feedback.

Though the VR Jam is ending soon, I will be playing with this game a bit more and keep on testing.

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