Hi, I am a digital designer and creative coder.

You might know me from the various game jams I organised (Slow Game Jam, Jam for Change, Games for the Many political game jam, Ludum Dare/Global Game Jam hubs in London). I am an admin at DevSpace, a slack group for indie developers, a part of BAFTA crew, Tech London Advocates, used to help out at Videobrains, am a Women in Games ambassador, and am one of Develop's 30 Under 30.

I make games and interactive art. They range from Invisible Garden, a virtual reality soundscape comissioned for the Somerset House to web-art like Shipping Forecast and Is anybody there?. My tools are JavaScript, web browsers, Unity and the Adobe Suite.

I co-founded Games for the Many. We make games which address political issues. You might have heard of CorbynRun which we made for the general election 2017. I now do business and creative direction at Digital Liberties, making games for charities and research bodies.

Contact me regarding contract or freelance work via email or twitter.