Hi, I am a digital designer and creative coder.

You might know me from the various game jams I organised (Slow Game Jam, Games for the Many political game jam, Ludum Dare/Global Game Jam hubs in London). I am an admin at DevSpace, a slack group for indie developers, a part of BAFTA crew, Tech London Advocates, used to help out at Videobrains, and am one of Develop's 30 Under 30.

I make games and interactive art. They range from Invisible Garden, a virtual reality soundscape comissioned for the Somerset House to web-art like Shipping Forecast and Is anybody there?. My tools are JavaScript, web browsers, Unity and the Adobe Suite.

I co-founded Games for the Many. We make games which address political issues. You might have heard of CorbynRun which we made for the general election 2017.

Contact me regarding contract or freelance work via email or twitter.