My submission for the Flatgame Annual 2016 game jam. This is an autobiographical short game created during a day after the new year reflecting on my life in 2016.

Play the game in your browser here.



2016 was strangely beautiful in its own turbulent way. I was commuting accross London on the Overground every day, from Stratford to Gunnesbury - it would take me 2 hours to get to work. The routine started to take it's toll on my mental health but my sketchbook flourished with drawings of all the passengers that travelled with me. Now, as I look back through the pages of my notebook, I've come to appreciate at just how beautiful and diverse London is as witnessed on the Overground.

This is an autobiographical flatgame of how I remember the commute on the London Overground. All commuters are real people that have travelled with me and I happened to sketch them with a pen in my notebook.



The game was curated into Warpdoor and written about on PC Gamer. Tom Sykes from PC Gamer said: "Underground, overground, wombling free, I apologise for this introduction to a game that is actually quite lovely. Overground takes the form of an interactive scene you can explore with the left and right cursor keys; once you reach the end, in either direction you should reverse to see any people you might have missed. And you'll want to, as this cross-section of a London tube train is home to many beautifully sketched, shrewdly observed characters, faces we've probably all seen in transit at one time or another."

The game was showcased at Now Play This 2018 during the London Game Festival.