Innovate! is an innovation policy board game commissioned by Nesta, the UK's innovation foundation. I produced the game and co-designed with Tim Phillips as part of Digital Liberties.



Nesta wanted a game that explored the policy making process so innovation policy makers could learn to make better policy via communication and collaboration. In the game policy makers need to work together, leveraging their networks and sharing resources, to uncover the right combination of policies to tackle an issue such as air pollution, equality or public health.

I built the successful pitch document, liased with the client, and created and oversaw the budgets and timelines to ensure we delivered on time and on budget. Working closely with the game designer Tim Phillips, I helped co-design the game and prepared the artwork for printing.



Nesta: Developing a board game for Innovation Policymakers.

Nesta: Playtesting the Innovation Policy board game at IGL2018.

FutureFest: Simulation for policy makers.