Lead game designer at Nexus Studios

Led game design across various client projects, including for Samsung, AT&T, T-Mobile, Saatchi & Saatchi, InfoSys and Headspace. I managed a team of three game designers, delegating work while defining the overarching design.

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Client projects

AT&T 5G fan experience

Transformed the AT&T Stadium in Dallas into the world’s first ARCloud Ready venue.

AR dancing

An AR dancing app designed to get kids moving and improve their motor skills.

Headspace VR

Set the early stages and designs of the Headspace VR experience.

My role

At Nexus Studios I designed games to a brief for clients. I developed fully fleshed out designs from rough concepts that were pitched to the client. My day to day involved ideation and pitching, creating and maintaining project documentation, balancing, systems and level design, prototyping and user testing.

As lead, I participated in client meetings to advocate for the team's work and ensure the design of the games met the client's expectations; in charge of cross-department communication to ensure designs could be delivered to the highest standard; delegated work to a team of three game designers while mainting the project vision.

Some projects had very tight deadlines. The AT&T project in particular I had to take from concept through to a deliverable game of the highest quality in as little as two months.