Lead game and product designer at LoveShark

Mochi is a kpop social platform and dance game for mobile that uses ML and AI technology. I led the design of Mochi from concept through to launch and live-ops.

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What is Mochi

Learn k-pop dances

Pick from a large library of hundreds of k-pop dances.

Realtime feeback

Our AI model detects your movements and compares it to the original so you always know how well you're dancing.

A kind community

Post your dances to a kind community of k-pop stans and make friends.

My role

I define, maintain and advocate for the design across departments, including vision, game mechanics, systems and user experience. Working in an iterative environment, I run ideation workshops, organise user research/playtesting and use data to ensure the design aligns with our player community’s sensibilities.

At LoveShark I work closely with the engineering team to unlock the gameplay potential of machine learning and AI models. We are also exploring the cutting edge of designing for friendships in multiplayer environments.

From early concept to live-ops

This is a very early prototype of Mochi. One month into working at LoveShark, I researched what UX flow would work best to balance learning dances while having fun doing so. I designed a flow and together with a Unity engineer we prototyped and tested this build. It became the core gameplay loop of Mochi.


As lead I was in charge of cross-department communication to ensure smooth implementation and quality execution of the designs. Clear documentation, compelling pitching and leading inclusive ideation workshops was my day to day. I also ran one to ones with direct reports to foster an effective but also kind environment that brings out the best in teams.

Designing gameplay and social systems

Mochi is more than just a game or an app, it's a community. The features needed to both retain users and foster a kind environment where players could go from being stragers to becoming best friends.

I developed and iterated on a system of features that fostered friendships. Among many things, this was achieved by tying together gameplay progression systems with our users' friendship journeys.