DRIP is a low-barrier game aimed to educate and engage a wide audience in a discussion surrounding environmental justice, and the use of resources in conflict.

What is DRIP

In the game DRIP you play as water on a journey through the West Bank. The players become witness to a multitude of events and discussions on their way through the land and experience how its inhabitants approach the discourse around infrastructure access and Rawabi.

The game emonstrates what it means to be at the mercy of slow-moving bureaucracy where decisions are made elsewhere that affect one’s livelihood, even when it comes to one’s most basic needs. DRIP aims to cause players to empathize with and deepen their understanding of the way resources are unequally allocated in the West Bank.

My role

The challenge was to take the systemic issues framed in the film RAWABI, a documentary regarding the building of the Palestinian city of Rawabi, and allow the player to explore them in the form of gameplay.

I ran an ideation workshop in collaboration with the filmmakers then developed the pitch for the winning idea. The game went on to be shortlisted for the Tribeca New Media Fund.