An entertaining and informing mobile game that interacts with pollution databases across Europe. E-Sol gives players a virtual pet plant named ‘Sunny’ who needs your protection from air pollution. The game won the MyGeoss grant and Innovative App Award from the European Comission with which we built a prototype.

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The application we propose is an interactive game for mobile devices that will interact with air pollution databases in ways that are both entertaining and informing. The game, called ‘E-Sol’, will provide players with a virtual pet plant named ‘Sunny’ who they will need to take care of and protect from the dangers of air pollution. Players will also be able to temporarily trade their plant with players in other countries in order to receive rewards and encourage a sense of European responsibility for our environment. The amount of virtual air pollution effecting players’ plants will be directly affected by data gathered from GEOS Portal. Players will be able to view this data to learn about cross-European levels of air quality.