Corbyn Run

CorbynRun is a viral web, iOS and android game built for the General Election 2017. Commissioned by the Labour Party, we launched a week before the elections and achieved 150,000 downloads, 2 million impressions and international coverage that week.

Play it here.



Games are more than just entertainment. They can help us engage, teach, influence, spark conversations and start movements for change. This General Election we used the power of games to make a difference.

CorbynRun was an intense project, having only 3 weeks to complete high-quality and viral content. I was one of the two original founders behind CorbynRun. Being there from day 0, I designed the first concepts, sourced developers from my games network and took executive decisions on resources and game design to ensure the game could satisfy Labour's two goals: virality and education.

Within 3 hours of launch we hit over 15,000 players and got coverage on the BBC, Evening Standard, Buzzfeed, NME and more. In the week of launch we hit 150,000 downloads and 2 million impressions.



Buzzfeed: There is now a Jeremy Corbyn computer game.

BBC: Daily Politics.

BBC: Someone made this very British politics game and it's called Corbyn Run.

The Guardian: Democracy? There’s an app for that – the tech upstarts trying to ‘hack’ British politics.

Evening standard: Jeremy Corbyn computer game invented by Labour supporters.

NME: Help Jeremy Corbyn beat Theresa May in this UK election-themed video game.

Politico: Jeremy Corbyn, the video game.

Waypoint: 'Corbyn Run' Highlights the Stakes of This Week's British Election.

Kotaku: Corbyn Run is Tory-Mocking Fun.

Evolve politics: Someone has made a Jeremy Corbyn game and it's utterly immense.

GRM daily: You can now fight Theresa May in "Corbyn Run" video game