A two player escape the room game. Winner of the Best Game Award from Steve Jackson, co-founder of Lionhead Studios and the Games Workshop. Created during the Global Game Jam 2015. Showcased at the curated show Now Play This at the Somerset House in the London Games Festival 2016.

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What is Meeting

You are trapped. So are they. You will need to work together if you want to escape in time, solving puzzles to break down the virtual barriers that separate you. Meeting is a game for two players who sit in the same room yet play on different computers. 

Meeting builds (or breaks) relationships and got pairs to laugh, shout and high-five each other. Put simply, it is a two player escape-the-room game with a twist. While most games grab people in different spaces around the world and connect them in virtual places, this game does the opposite. It grabs people in different virtual spaces and connects them in the physical. 


“I found Meeting beguiling and delightful. It uses a smart premise to explore the possibilities for collaborative game play. Its simple design creates a rich and enjoyable experience that has stayed with me.” - Matt Adams, Blast Theory