Game designer and co-founder at Digital Liberties

Sought out, pitched and secured various clients including, the UK Labour Party and Nesta. I then went on to build a team and led game design and production.

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Client projects


Innovate! the board game aims to improve how policymakers work together, strategise and incorporate the views of key stakeholders to address large-scale issues, such as air pollution, data ethics or inequality.

On The Surface

A narrative mobile game for social integration. Played on a WhatsApp style interface, players converse in real time with a group of teenage friends, affecting their day to day.

My role

As one of the founders, I ideated and pitched games to clients. After successfully securing two long-term projects, I went on to form a team and lead the design and production.

My role invovled building and managing the team, delegating work while maintaining the vision of the games; advocating for the team's work at client meetings while ensuring the games met the clients' expectations; ensuring projects were delivered on time, to budget and with the highest design quality.